Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A peek towards the bright future!

Ok, I was in class today and I had a strange feeling that I would like to share. My marketing professor was so enthusiastic as usual talking about customer relationship and the impact of customer retention and stability on the profit of a company from a financial perspective. While listening to those deep marketing terminologies such as "Customer acquisition" and "customer equity" and the "trust building mechanism" in relationship marketing; my eye just lead astray staring at this lined up window in the corner of the class and asking

How long will it take me to finish my MBA? Is it worth it? If I were to take my bachelor degree and work in Kuwait; will I be in a better position? I mean I'll be around the family for sure which is always a big advantage? But will my MBA degree really make a big difference..

I looked back to my professor and she was continuing her lecture concentrating on the impact of marketing actions on a firm’s value! And she was so upset on some companies that do not offer a capital cost for their marketing strategies! She repeated "I would debate any CEO that a marketing strategy is the way to build continues profit and growth to a company!" With all the energy that she had and all the attention she got from my classmates..

I turned around to the window and continued my own thoughts. I start visualizing myself living in Kuwait. I would wake up 7:30 am, take a shower, wear my (Dishdasha, '3etra, 3egal), and get ready for work. I would leave my room going directly to the living room where I would see my mother with her cup of tea and milk "sweet in low" reading Alwatan Newspaper. I would go to her; Kiss her head and hand and chat with her for about 10 minutes.

Until my father opens up the speakers all around the house asking (Sorayda make for me Fa7am, Sorayda make for me Fa7am.) Than I would continue chatting with my mother and say -How will they make fa7am for him?- Is Dad expecting them to take pieces of black Cole mixing it with Sault and black pepper and cook it with onions and carrots until they are as hot as hell? And my mother would laugh out loud as if it was the JOKE of the mounth, probably she will pick up the phone and call one of my brothers saying (Did you hear what Abdulrahman just said?)And they will laugh about it all day!?

At that moment the elevator will open and my father -Basheer the Great- comes out!His body is straight as always spreading his chest and raising his head up high with a beautiful smile that shines our morning. I would go to him kiss his head and hand and offer him a cup of milk with 2 inches of Arabian coffee for his own willing and desire.

We would sit together and chat about whether I waked up for Fajer today or not?! If yes than any request I ask will be easily accepted under some condition! If not than probably this would not be a good time for "taking" but rather will be the best time for "giving" either by talking about my personal achievements or exposing my future objectives.

I would also start a new physiological discussion about some of his thoughts that I read on his novels; it will be more enjoyable when we hold different point of views?! If I disagreed with one of my father's ideological theories that means that I gave him the best gift ever; I will reach the highest level of father to son satisfaction! He won't mind sitting with me all day just to master his convincing skills on me! And to tell you the truth I always enjoy it! :)

While sitting with my parents and enjoying my time I would get an SMS message from one of my friends asking if I ate breakfast or not? And I'll reply "yes I already did, thanks for the offer"


..and with all this real live visualization that I was thinking of during my class; setting myself in another place and time; I looked back to my professor and asked a question just to take credit for participation..

(Why do we see a company that doesn't have an efficient and effective marketing strategy but still makes profit on the other hand?) WOW .. this question really worked? She totally opened a new line of dialogue and started a new discussion with the class..


After class ended I said to myself
Stop living in regret?! Stop throwing useless doubts!? Only 10 months left to go back home holding my MBA degree and ready to live my dream!

*This article was written in Strananhan Hallway at the College of Business between my two classes on Tues. Oct 23rd