Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Power of Imagining!

Let's take a moment and think about ourselves. Our believes, values, accomplishments, shape, wealth, and social status. Who are we all about? Why is this happening to us? Why is "them" better than "I" Who is responsible of our results.. OK, I guess you already know the answer. It's you you you!!

Lets set things straight. No one is responsible for your results except you. What ever you are it's "You" who "Chose" to be this way weather you are aware of it or not. Any action always start with an internal picture. Some prefer to call it "thought" or "mindset" or "blueprint" or "OS" or "plan". You name it. Things in this life exist twice. One time inside the mind, and the second time in reality. There is no one accomplishment in this world that just existed in reality. I know you will think; well what about the "Luck factor" oooh! If your waiting for luck to come than GOOD LUCK!!

Knowing that every success first existence is in the mind through an "internal image". Then why not create it well. Mobilize it. Play with it. Shape it. Expand it. Enhance it. And keep thinking what kind of impact will you add. What kind of success is waiting for you? Use this great potential that you have to serve YOU! Your needs! Your wants! Your desires! No one will think on your behalf. I have full faith of this unbelievable tool that I call "The power of imagining" It's never to late, It's never to early. It's your "Choice" to shape the world around you by shaping yourself from within. Keep dreaming about you. Keep imagining about you. And you will get what YOU want! Insha-Allah.

I wish you the best of Choice!
Please accept my warm greetings.


* In the train on my way to London on the 27th of June!

Monday, May 25, 2009


When I say I'm sparkling, this means that their is fire inside me that I'd like to expose to the world. Fire of knowledge, fire of ideas, and fire of love. There is so much that I want to share with all the people I know. One of my great privileges is being around great people in life that I have learned so much from like my parents, family, friends, and bloggers all around the net. So I think its time to write what I think and believe in. They say if you want to master something, teach it! So I'm thinking of an innovative way to share my ideas with you.

If you fail to plan, than you're planning to fail. That's why I will be giving myself some time to plan and reorganize my approach. And yes, I'm probably talking alone in this blog, and no one is interested in my posts. But hopefully it's just matter or time until I invite all my friends and start advertising for my posts. To all of you over there.. wish me the best :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hello again to all my bloggers,

It is with deep excitement I come back to share my thoughts after a 16 months of my last post. A lot has changed, and yet more and more coming on the way. I have realized that every moment passes in this life is a lesson, some of us use it and the rest lose it. Life is full of privileges; and nothing should expose our motives except understanding, knowing, and acting. I’m working on reorganizing my blog and can’t wait to share with you my experience. Looking forward to communicate with all.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A peek towards the bright future!

Ok, I was in class today and I had a strange feeling that I would like to share. My marketing professor was so enthusiastic as usual talking about customer relationship and the impact of customer retention and stability on the profit of a company from a financial perspective. While listening to those deep marketing terminologies such as "Customer acquisition" and "customer equity" and the "trust building mechanism" in relationship marketing; my eye just lead astray staring at this lined up window in the corner of the class and asking

How long will it take me to finish my MBA? Is it worth it? If I were to take my bachelor degree and work in Kuwait; will I be in a better position? I mean I'll be around the family for sure which is always a big advantage? But will my MBA degree really make a big difference..

I looked back to my professor and she was continuing her lecture concentrating on the impact of marketing actions on a firm’s value! And she was so upset on some companies that do not offer a capital cost for their marketing strategies! She repeated "I would debate any CEO that a marketing strategy is the way to build continues profit and growth to a company!" With all the energy that she had and all the attention she got from my classmates..

I turned around to the window and continued my own thoughts. I start visualizing myself living in Kuwait. I would wake up 7:30 am, take a shower, wear my (Dishdasha, '3etra, 3egal), and get ready for work. I would leave my room going directly to the living room where I would see my mother with her cup of tea and milk "sweet in low" reading Alwatan Newspaper. I would go to her; Kiss her head and hand and chat with her for about 10 minutes.

Until my father opens up the speakers all around the house asking (Sorayda make for me Fa7am, Sorayda make for me Fa7am.) Than I would continue chatting with my mother and say -How will they make fa7am for him?- Is Dad expecting them to take pieces of black Cole mixing it with Sault and black pepper and cook it with onions and carrots until they are as hot as hell? And my mother would laugh out loud as if it was the JOKE of the mounth, probably she will pick up the phone and call one of my brothers saying (Did you hear what Abdulrahman just said?)And they will laugh about it all day!?

At that moment the elevator will open and my father -Basheer the Great- comes out!His body is straight as always spreading his chest and raising his head up high with a beautiful smile that shines our morning. I would go to him kiss his head and hand and offer him a cup of milk with 2 inches of Arabian coffee for his own willing and desire.

We would sit together and chat about whether I waked up for Fajer today or not?! If yes than any request I ask will be easily accepted under some condition! If not than probably this would not be a good time for "taking" but rather will be the best time for "giving" either by talking about my personal achievements or exposing my future objectives.

I would also start a new physiological discussion about some of his thoughts that I read on his novels; it will be more enjoyable when we hold different point of views?! If I disagreed with one of my father's ideological theories that means that I gave him the best gift ever; I will reach the highest level of father to son satisfaction! He won't mind sitting with me all day just to master his convincing skills on me! And to tell you the truth I always enjoy it! :)

While sitting with my parents and enjoying my time I would get an SMS message from one of my friends asking if I ate breakfast or not? And I'll reply "yes I already did, thanks for the offer"


..and with all this real live visualization that I was thinking of during my class; setting myself in another place and time; I looked back to my professor and asked a question just to take credit for participation..

(Why do we see a company that doesn't have an efficient and effective marketing strategy but still makes profit on the other hand?) WOW .. this question really worked? She totally opened a new line of dialogue and started a new discussion with the class..


After class ended I said to myself
Stop living in regret?! Stop throwing useless doubts!? Only 10 months left to go back home holding my MBA degree and ready to live my dream!

*This article was written in Strananhan Hallway at the College of Business between my two classes on Tues. Oct 23rd


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Asalam Alaikum

I would like to congratulate you on this holy month RAMADAN.
May Allah bless you and accept your fasting and prayers!!

Let's try to increase our iman and devote our time for the sake of Allah.
Ramadan will be the best opportunity to get closer to Allah SWT.

‘When Ramadaan comes, the doors of Paradise will be opened and the doors of Hell will be closed, and the devils will be chained.’

Fasting, praying at time, reciting Qura'n, giving charity, avoiding haram, smiling, praying at the msajid, feeding the poor, controlling your desires, being a good Muslim should be in our daily basis during this month to reflect our lives for the years after!

Ramadan should be a refreshing start where we remind ourselves to the true purpose of life which is to please Allah!
May Allah accept our deeds, better us as Muslims, and grant us paradise.

Ramadan Kareeeeeem!!!

Best Wishes,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happiness Vs. Success

Is there a big difference between Success and Happiness?
Are those words alike?
Let's try to emphasis and illustrate those two meanings.
Success is when you set a goal for yourself and reach it through your ultimate effort and work. Happiness is basically satisfaction from within yourself. So we have to know that not all successful people are happy and not all happy people are successful. That's a fact!! That's why we see many people who have reached high level of fame but still commits suicide at the end! Meanwhile; we see decent people who lives the most pleasant life compared to others.

So what is the secret?

My personal opinion on the main difference between those two words is that for a person to be successful he have to achieve requirements in a certain criteria that his society draw for him; but earning happiness comes through requirements you set for yourself to achieve your own satisfaction!

Ask yourself which is more important to you? I know it's always better to have both of them but let's say that you have to choose one from both? What will your decision be?

Sadly we see many people choose to satisfy others rather than themselves. Others sacrifice their own personal happy life for the sake of earning recognition or increasing wealth! They think that happiness comes through success with the rules that life plays.

A very influential quote I always used to say
"Never seek happiness outside yourself"

Or a great quote from Dr. Salah Alrashed
"Happiness comes to a person who learn from his past, always enthusiastic on his present, and optimistic to his future"

And of course a great quote from my father Dr. Basheer
"Who ever control his emotions: will enjoy his life and achieve his goals"

So they all agree that it's all about self esteem, controlling your feelings, and the way you treat yourself. And take this word from me. No matter what people say about happiness; it's in your hand; go ahead and build it yourself.

Just don't worry, be happy by Bobby Mcferrin
A great song from Bobby an artist I never heard of but he seems enjoying life. Great lyrics and fantastic Video Clip!

Wish you a pleasant and a happy life~
Peace :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

رد الدكتور بشير على مقالة ها إبتلاك الله؟

زادني شرف حين أطل على مدونتي
وزادني نور حين علق على مقالتي
رد والدي وقائدي على حيرتي
قرأت مقالتك وعجبت بحسن عبارتك
وعرفت قدر ذاتك وادركت امكاناتك
فانت متميز بعطاءتك ولقد توقفت عند عباراتك
حول مفهوم الابتلاء في حياتك واردت ان اشارك ردا على مقالاتك
فبادئ ذي بدء ليس المقصود بالابتلاء نوع محدد يتمثل بالداء وانعدام الدواء وليس المقصود به كذلك النقم دون التطرق الى النعم القضية واضحة وضوح الشمس في رابعة النهار ونبلوكم بالشر والخير فتنة
واريد ان الفت نظرك واخوانك من حولك ان كل شاب مسلم في امريكا مبتلى بدينه, والابتلاء لايعني الشر وانما يعني التمحيص, فانت على سبيل المثال وكل الاخرين مثلك لايراكم الا الله ومع ذلك فانت تتقيه ولايعرف بما تعمل الا الله ومع ذلك انت تصلي له ولاتقطع صلاتك وملتزم باوقاتك وفرائضك
أليس في هذا الالتزام المتصل ابتلاء متواصل عجبا لشباب يعبدون الله كانهم يرونه ويخافون بالغيب ليس لديهم حسيب ولارقيب الا الله اليس هذا قمة الطاعة والابتلاء بمعنى التمحيص بلى وربي
ولهذا فان كل شاب متبلى بصحته وشبابه ووقته اما ان يقضيه بالطاعة واما ان يقضيه بالمعصية والخيار له وكل اختيار له اثار ويتحمل الانسان اثار القرار, الابتلاء لايعني الشدة وانما يعني النعمة قبل النقمة والله العليم حكيم في اختيار مايصلح للعبد
خذ على سبيل ذلك سليمان عليه السلام لم يبتلى بالنقم وانما اعطي النقم ليشكر او يكفر وقد اختار الشكر
دواود عليه السلام اعطي النصر ليشكر
عبدالرحمن بن عوف من البشرين في الجنة اعطي اموالا لاحصر لها
القضية فيما يصلح للانسان سواء كان في عالم النقم او النعم وليس بالضرورة ان يبلى الانسان بالشر وما اراه من شباب الاسلام في امريكا انهم في اعلى درجات الاختبار في ايمانهم فهم لايراقبون الا الله ولايعبدون سواه
لك تحياتي على مقالتك ولك دعائي ان يوفقك

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

هل أبتلاك الله؟

(( إذا مرت حياتك سهله من غيرإبتلاءات .. فعلم أن إيمانك فيه خلل ))
حينها بدأت أغوص في بحر أفكاري حتى أعتلتني الأمواج واحده تلوه الأخرة حينما سمعت هذه الكلمة من أخونا أحمد
صدقي في درس الحياة بعد الممات الذي أقيم في جامعة تلويدو لطلبة المسلمين
فبدأ يؤيد كلامه بشده,, ويدقق على هذه النقطة,, حتى أحسست أنه يخاطبني ويقصدني في هذا الموضوع,, وقال أن من علامة حب الله للعبد الإبتلاء,, وأنظروا إلى قصص الأنبياء عليهم أفضل الصلاة والتسليم,, لا يخلوا نبي إلا وأصابه ما أصابه من النكد والتعب أوالغل والحسرة أوالعذاب والشده أوالعوائق والأمراض وغيرها من أمور الإبتلاء
وأنصتُ مستمعاً لحديث الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم حين قال
(إذا أراد الله بعبده الخيرعجل له العقوبة في الدنيا, وإذا أراد الله بعبده شر أمسك عنه حتى يوافيه يوم القيامة) أو كما قال
فأوجستُ في نفسي خيفة,, وقررت أن أعطي هذا المعنى قدر كبير من همي وفكري
وسألت نفسي سؤال,, ألم يبتليني الله عز وجل من قبل؟
لقد أصابني سهم الشك وشعور الخوف من هذه الكلمة قائلاً لنفسي أن حياتي تمر في أحسن حال؟
هل هذا معناه أن إيماني فيه خلل؟
لا شك أن العوائق والفتن والإبتلاءات تحول عند الجميع,, سواء مؤمن أو مشرك
وأعلم أن الله إذا أحب عبداً أبتلاه
ويقول تبارك وتعالى أحسب الناس أن يقولوا اَمنا وهم لا يفتنون
فأين الفتن التي أصابتني؟ وأين الإبتلاءات عني؟
فحواري مع نفسي كان شفاء دائي
وسألت نفسي بعض الأسألة
هل يريد الله منا أن نبحث عن الإبتلاء؟
إن الله رحيم ويحب أن يرا نعمه على عباده
نعمتان مغبون فيهما كثير من الناس الصحة والفراغ
هل هذا معناه أن من كان في صحة وعافيه أن إيمانه فيه خلل؟
هل كل الإنبياء مبتلون؟
قول الرسول إن الله إذا أحب عبداً إبتلاه؟
هل معناه أننا يجب علينا أن نبحث عن الأبتلاء لأنه علامة الرضا
في الحديث الاخر يقول
إن الله إذا أحب عبداً دعا جبريل، فقال: إني أحب فلاناً فأحبه، قال : فيحبه جبريل ثم ينادي في السماء فيقول: إن الله يحب فلاناً فأحبوه فيحبه أهل السماء، ثم يوضع له القبول في الأرض
فالإبتلاء هو علامة حب وليست العلامة الوحيده لمحبة الله لعبده
وقد خصها الله تعالى ليثبت عباده المؤمنين ويرزقهم بشيئ خيرا منه يوم القيامة
من ترك شئ لله عوضه الله خيرا منه
وأتتمت التفكير وعلمت أن الله أبتلاني بأمور لست بصدد أن أذكرها
ولكني غيرت صورة هذا الإبتلاء وأستبدلته بصورة الصبر والثقة بالله
فكان ميزان ثقتي بالله يفوق ميزان الإبتلاء حتى أني نسيت البلاء نفسه
فإن الله يبتلي من شاء من عباده ليختبر إيمانهم ويرى إن كان هذا الإمتحان يزعزع شيء من عقيدتهم أو يزيدهم إيمانا ويقينا وطلب منا الصبر عند الصدمة الأولى
فقد قال الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم
(( عجباً لأمر المؤمن, إن أصابته سراء شكر فكان خير له, وإن أصابته ضراء صبر فكان خير له))
فيجب أن تكون هناك ثقة كبيرة بين العبد وربه,, حينما يؤمن أن كل الحوادث التي تمر في حياته هو خير له
فقد قال الله لا تحسبوه شر لكم بل هو خير لكم
والرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم كان إذا جاء أمر على ما يحب قال
الحمدالله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات
وإذا جاء الأمر على غير ما يحب قال
الحمدالله على كل حال
فيجب أن تكون صورة الإنسان للبلاء أنه حب من الله
وأيضاً إذ مرت عليه حياته سهله يجب على أن يحمد الله ويشكره

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Lesson

At the end of the MSA Night I was introduced to many students who were anxious and willing to work with the Muslims Students Association since I was elected a president. I have learned a valuable lesson during a dialogue with one of the girls I met.

Part of the Dialogue:

Me: So mashallah you are from Kuwait ...?
Her: Yes I am.
Me: I know someone called ... is he related to you?
Her: Yes .. He is my brother?!

"I stopped for a moment. I remember that guy so well. He was with me in Middle School 10 years ago! I remember that we never agreed on something. We had many conflicts. And with my "Child" thinking I made his life miserable. I used to pick on him in class and make a laugh out of him in front of my friends. We used to physically fight against each other.. and to tell you the truth this guy was strong!! I sometimes suffer some detentions and punishments from my teachers for the sake of harming him. And one of things I established was a disrespectful slogan that many students used after me until he became widley known for it."

Me: Wow .. Do you know that we used to fight amongst each other?
I didn't expect this answer
Her: Yes .. We know everything .. We still remember you!
Me: You still remember me .. What do you mean?
Her: Well were you not the guy who used to cal my brother _ _ _ !

Here was the shock!!

After riding back home. I thought about this dialogue for a moment. I mean WOW.
The family still remembers all the things I did to their son! So whatever a person do to the people, memories will not be erased from their minds forever. If you do good they will remember it; if you do bad they will remember it.

Life passes away so fast. I've graduated from college. My personality have changed and I made many great things in life. This family will probably forgive or start a new page with me; but they will still remember this 12 years old Abdulrahman bothering their son!

فمن يعمل مثقال ذرة خيراً يره

ومن يعمل مثقال ذرة شراً يره

Last days with this person were great in middle school. We became friends and I invited him several times to join us in a social gathering with my friends. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Moon!

Please forgive me if I’m out of words. As much as I assemble the sentences; I could not express my true feeling toward the most beautiful creation on this universe! My mother.

Someone criticized me saying "how come you have your father's picture in the blog, but not your mother?" Well thanks for bringing that up. My mother is called Mona Albader. In Arabic "Albader" means the full moon; where the moon is at its highest level of beauty, spread brightness to the world and guide people from darkness. That's exactly how I see my mother. She is the moon of my life! Just looking at her smile or listening to her voice, or breathing around her is more valuable to me than everything on this earth. So this picture is in harmony with my mother's light! She is the beauty, light, and guide in my life.

Heart whisper

Our mother is the most important thing in our lives. Why not and the prophet peace be upon him said “Paradise is under her feet.” Respect, love, and be everything you can be; for the sake of pleasing and honoring your mother. What was the first word you said when going through hardship and painful time; Yummaa!! Her heart was wide open for you all day and night long; so you would find a warm and secured shelter to hide in.

Ask yourself; what did you do in return for this favor? I have an idea! Go to her and ask; what can I do to please you? Obey every order she gives you with love, mercy and compassion. One day “Fate” will come from the Devine and separate the two souls. Get prepared to have the tear of “sadness” and the smile of a confident person that knows that he did his best to “satisfy” his mother during her life.

“I love you mom” coming sensior through my blog. Please accept me as your obedient servant. I ask Allah to give you longevity in this life and please you with your respected and lovely sons and family. Ameen

What contributions did my mother plant and built on me since my childhood? Hooooo. Let me take a deep breath!

“Many” would be the correct answer to the previous question.
But let me make is simple, informal, and write some of the touching and thoughtful moments that I've experienced from my lovely mother; we can grab many significant lessons from these stories which had a big impact on my life.

To be continued