Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Moon!

Please forgive me if I’m out of words. As much as I assemble the sentences; I could not express my true feeling toward the most beautiful creation on this universe! My mother.

Someone criticized me saying "how come you have your father's picture in the blog, but not your mother?" Well thanks for bringing that up. My mother is called Mona Albader. In Arabic "Albader" means the full moon; where the moon is at its highest level of beauty, spread brightness to the world and guide people from darkness. That's exactly how I see my mother. She is the moon of my life! Just looking at her smile or listening to her voice, or breathing around her is more valuable to me than everything on this earth. So this picture is in harmony with my mother's light! She is the beauty, light, and guide in my life.

Heart whisper

Our mother is the most important thing in our lives. Why not and the prophet peace be upon him said “Paradise is under her feet.” Respect, love, and be everything you can be; for the sake of pleasing and honoring your mother. What was the first word you said when going through hardship and painful time; Yummaa!! Her heart was wide open for you all day and night long; so you would find a warm and secured shelter to hide in.

Ask yourself; what did you do in return for this favor? I have an idea! Go to her and ask; what can I do to please you? Obey every order she gives you with love, mercy and compassion. One day “Fate” will come from the Devine and separate the two souls. Get prepared to have the tear of “sadness” and the smile of a confident person that knows that he did his best to “satisfy” his mother during her life.

“I love you mom” coming sensior through my blog. Please accept me as your obedient servant. I ask Allah to give you longevity in this life and please you with your respected and lovely sons and family. Ameen

What contributions did my mother plant and built on me since my childhood? Hooooo. Let me take a deep breath!

“Many” would be the correct answer to the previous question.
But let me make is simple, informal, and write some of the touching and thoughtful moments that I've experienced from my lovely mother; we can grab many significant lessons from these stories which had a big impact on my life.

To be continued


Q8links said...

الله يخليلكم الوالدة العزيزة ويطول بعمرها مع الوالد الفاضل


يا الحبيب زورنا لا تخلي ، ترى مدونتي تتشرف بأمثالك

yarmooki said...

شكراً على ردك الميمون ..
أتمنى لك التوفيق في مدونتك ..

إلى الأمام دائماً :)

MBR said...

allah allah...

i dont know what to tell you about these beutiful words that went inside my heart and cant leave.

I am really anxious for seing your other article. May allah reward you for these words.

Your brother and soon your roomate (when you come back)...

Mohammed Al-Rashidi

yarmooki said...

Wow.. How Lucky am I to have my great brother Mohammed reading my Blog.

My intentions is to write more articles, but I keep delaying the work for a reason or another!!

My graduation will be this Saturday, I wish you were here; here next to me :'(

الحارث بن همّام said...

آآآآآآآآخ يا بو بشير .. والله كلام كبير .. والله أعلق واصفق ..

شعرت وانا اقرا المقال بالحنان بكل ما تعنيه الكلمة من معنى .. جلست افكر بعد قراءة المقال وقبل تعليقي .. جلست اتخيل امي غير موجود في البيت .. سألت نفسي ماذا لو كنت حرمت أمي ؟؟ ماذا يعني المنزل دونها ؟ شعرت فعلاً بقشعريرة لم افهم معانيها جيداً .. هل هو الخوف لفراقها ؟ ام هو شعور المتيّم ؟؟ لست أدري ..

Saud said...

waiting for the continuation
with much desperation :)

Anonymous said...

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