Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Asalam Alaikum

I would like to congratulate you on this holy month RAMADAN.
May Allah bless you and accept your fasting and prayers!!

Let's try to increase our iman and devote our time for the sake of Allah.
Ramadan will be the best opportunity to get closer to Allah SWT.

‘When Ramadaan comes, the doors of Paradise will be opened and the doors of Hell will be closed, and the devils will be chained.’

Fasting, praying at time, reciting Qura'n, giving charity, avoiding haram, smiling, praying at the msajid, feeding the poor, controlling your desires, being a good Muslim should be in our daily basis during this month to reflect our lives for the years after!

Ramadan should be a refreshing start where we remind ourselves to the true purpose of life which is to please Allah!
May Allah accept our deeds, better us as Muslims, and grant us paradise.

Ramadan Kareeeeeem!!!

Best Wishes,


Kuw_Son said...

Mubarak 3laik alshahar :)

May Allah bless you.

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

i like the subject and how much easy to read

Ramadan the month of goodness and forgiveness

lazem nst;3l hatha elshhr est'3lal jyd

w mbark 3leek elshhr

yarmooki said...


Thanks for your continues comments. May Allah be with you ya Khaled! And please record your interviews so that we would have the chance to listen to them afterwards!


Thanks fot your comment. May Allah muiliply our good deeds, over look our sins, and guide us to path of paradise. Ameeen

Expatriate said...

Embarak 3aleek el shahar
kel 3am wenta ebkhair abdulra7man

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...


i really love reading to your articles

As Shaima'a said that its easy to read and i really have a good time when i read it..!

Maybe because i picture you in Caribou writing the article..!



yarmooki said...


Sorry for the late reply. Allah ybarek feek Inshallah. Please bless me by giving an access to your blog. I would love to read your thoughts!


Actually it's been a while away from Caribou!! But thanks for your comment. Wish you luck bro

Arabian lady said...

Yes , indeed we will enshalla.
it comes once a year!

kuwaitya_7saweya said...

mubark 3lek the end of the month
oo 3edk mubarak

yarmooki said...

arabian lady:
Thanks for your reply.
Way to go with your blog!

Thanks for your comment. And Eidich Mobarak in advance.

Anonymous said...

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