Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Power of Imagining!

Let's take a moment and think about ourselves. Our believes, values, accomplishments, shape, wealth, and social status. Who are we all about? Why is this happening to us? Why is "them" better than "I" Who is responsible of our results.. OK, I guess you already know the answer. It's you you you!!

Lets set things straight. No one is responsible for your results except you. What ever you are it's "You" who "Chose" to be this way weather you are aware of it or not. Any action always start with an internal picture. Some prefer to call it "thought" or "mindset" or "blueprint" or "OS" or "plan". You name it. Things in this life exist twice. One time inside the mind, and the second time in reality. There is no one accomplishment in this world that just existed in reality. I know you will think; well what about the "Luck factor" oooh! If your waiting for luck to come than GOOD LUCK!!

Knowing that every success first existence is in the mind through an "internal image". Then why not create it well. Mobilize it. Play with it. Shape it. Expand it. Enhance it. And keep thinking what kind of impact will you add. What kind of success is waiting for you? Use this great potential that you have to serve YOU! Your needs! Your wants! Your desires! No one will think on your behalf. I have full faith of this unbelievable tool that I call "The power of imagining" It's never to late, It's never to early. It's your "Choice" to shape the world around you by shaping yourself from within. Keep dreaming about you. Keep imagining about you. And you will get what YOU want! Insha-Allah.

I wish you the best of Choice!
Please accept my warm greetings.


* In the train on my way to London on the 27th of June!


Kuw_Son said...

mashalla .. what an inspirational trip .. I wish you be in train all the time to give us some of your imagining gifts ;)

good luck :P

Mohammed Alrashidi said...

Nice Article..

Its just that there are many spelling mistakes..REVIEW..!!

I think that people will not understand what you mean unless you give them real life stories or experience..

Good Luck with your blog..:)

yarmooki said...

It dosent mttaer wthear splleing is rghit or worng; the msot ipmortnat tinhg is taht you got the maening of waht I'm aoubt to say!

Thakns for yuor cmmoent!! :$

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