Sunday, February 4, 2007

:: Love ::

Before I begin, let me start with this: my message here is not about love in the traditional Islamic way. Instead, it was written for those who are in “love” in today’s society to gain a better understanding to the questions to follow.

Are you in Love? How can you tell? By the way, what does the word “love” really mean?

Love has always been a subject that people are anxious to talk about. I consider it to be the emotional feeling that a person holds for another person, object, land, memorable place, or anything else that a person holds dear.

We have many examples from history to help us understand the meaning of love. For example, we’ve heard of stories of a person who would sail overseas and give his ultimate effort just to see his beloved! Another would kiss the ground of his lover's land just to satisfy a glimpse of his desire for her. Some people stay awake all night staring at their bedroom wall for hours assembling the beautiful images of a girl with crystal clear eyes and long hair that looks like shredded pearls, smelling the elegant aroma of her body, and hearing her soft voice as if it was coming from musical instruments; but when you come to reality, the truth is nowhere near those imaginations! Overall, we have witnessed that a man or woman will do anything just to please his beloved, even if, in the extreme cases, it leads to hell! Hey, who cares about heaven if this would satisfy them now?!?!

Hell? Yes. Did you not hear about the person who threw himself from the fifth floor of a building just because his girlfriend betrayed him! This guy cried day and night sending his girlfriend messages saying, "I'm nothing in this life without you, please reply to my message or something bad will happen to me." Another story comes from a person that sits on the beach watching the waves as they splash in front of him; and this long painful tear leaves his eye making its way down his cheek just because his lover forgot to congratulate him for his birthday! Poets have contributed painful feelings to our society by admitting that their lovers have broken their hearts. One poet said that he is willing to cut his hand to write her name with his own blood. This poet even went on to explain that even if he would see her every day and night, in every dream and in reality; this would still not satisfy him. He would love to sacrifice his life in exchange of the two spirits with her; so she can continue breathing happily in this life and he takes her place in the dark grave!!

How painful and bad is love?Isn’t it supposed to be a good feeling that a person carries?
Why do we see these negative circumstances on the person who carries the love?!

To me the best description of love was given in one of the “Tash ma Tash” episodes, a Saudi Arabian comedy. Some one named Hmaidan woke up in the morning and said, "Something is itching me in the bottom of my neck I don't know what it is." So his foolish brother Saidan said, with an innocent look, "Oh yeah...this is love wa ana abook" Thank you “Tash ma Tash” for these words; finally we have gotten something useful from you! Hmaidan is 100% right. Love is only an itch that comes to you. If you give this itch an important priority, treat it well, and take care of it all the time, it will get worse! But, if you just leave it alone and let it grow with wisdom, the pain will slowly disappear between your eyes and things will be under control.

Maybe someone will say, “Abdulrahman you will never understand because you have never been in love in your life!!” Well, DUH!!
If you consider love to be counting the beats of my heart as they beat faster when she calls me, or sweating while answering her call while I wait for a loving word from her, or spending all of my money buying prepaid phone cards to talk to her, or buying those expensive gifts for every upcoming event. Then yes, I have never been in this sad and yucky situation before. I have never accepted myself to be a slave under this kind of situation. I own my heart, and I'm the only one who gives the regulations on how to react with my emotional feelings. I never accept any automatic actions that my heart wants to take before balancing out the consequences.

Believe it or not... I am in love!
Did you forget that I am a normal human who carries desire, passion, emotions and feelings in his heart? But, a smart person is one who controls those feelings and knows how and when to react with them. Before falling in love, you must know the three “W’s.” That doesn’t mean the open line to an Internet explorer page! It is answering the three important questions of: whom, why, and what? And yes, those are the codes to open a perfect love line.

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

I read your artical about love , I feel that your heart is filled of love , may Allah increase HIs love in your heart , I really love you , and you know I am one man who has love in his heart
اما الاختيار فانك مغوار
لك مني خالص التقدير والاحترام

yarmooki said...

Wow my dear father is the first person to comment on my blog! Its really an honor! I'm just waiting for my mother to particpate so I would celebrate for the luckiest person on Earth ;)

Thanks for your comment Dad.
And as I promised I would have a special page for all of your contributions to me in this life.

Thanks Again.
Please check out my blog every other time and wait for my updates.

SaLaaaaMii to all

Saleh said...

excellent article in fact you have used beautiful words to describe your point which I find amazing. I like your ideas and you have a big future in writing. You have the tools to draw the picture.

way to go abdulrahman and wish you the best

salam alaikum

yarmooki said...

Thanks Bro.

I apperciate your feedback.
Please visit my blog and check out my new updates.

I wish you success in this life and the next.

My SaLamZz..

yahaya said...

as i know you, you are lovely person sample person.
Person who has great vision and great goals and great heart fill of love to gad and to peaple and this is evidence you have great parents who taught you these great fundamentals.

your brother,
Yahaya Asiri

yahaya said...

it's my pleasur to vist you'r blog and put some comments.

You are for sure the best one of my friends who stick with them all of my times, day after a day you proved you are the best.

Yahaya Asiri

yarmooki said...

By the way I have someone with me in Skype called "Lovely." The thing I know about him is that its ism 3ala masama :P

Thanks for your beatiful words YaHaYa. I always wish you success my friend.

See you in the Juma'a Prayer ;)


Anonymous said...