Thursday, February 8, 2007

Who am I??

A consultant entered a room full of desperate people who are trying to have a mental self improvement in their "useless" life. He started his workshop by asking all the attendees to write 10 positive ideas about themselves. They stared at each other as the clock ticked with frozen pens on the Table. What a shame!!

The first step of self-esteem is knowing your self perfectly and respect those facts.
As we say it in Kuwait knowing your self from tick tick until Bye Bye ^_^

Who is Abdulrahman Alrashidi?

1- I'm a Muslim, an Arab, a Kuwaiti; and that's how I like to align them.

2- December 19th is that day where the world was blessed by me!

3- I'm a senior student pursuing my bachelor degree in the College of Business at the University of Toledo.

4- My major goal in this life is to please Allah and satisfy my parents. How important is life without those?!

5- Islam is the number one priority in this life.

6- I love Kuwait; born, lived, grown, learned, laughed, cried, and probably die there!

7- I always give my family serious attention. I love being around them.

8- Sometimes I'm confused.. When I'm around the people I get those serious impressions about me. But when I'm around the family, I happen to be the best comedian ever. Strange!

9- I have been around many spots in the world during the past 21 years of my great life. America, London, Paris, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Kenya, Niagara Falls, Toronto, California, Florida, Chicago, New York, and even more.

10- I'm always proud of my parents. The people who are close to me can tell by listening to how much I talk about them. You can read all the contributions they gifted me with in this life from the here.

11- As a wise person who secures his valuable house with locked doors and regulates the people who enters and leaves; I do the same thing with people who try to enter my heart. But if they have reached this point I'll be the most kind and generous!

12- I'm always respectful, friendly, loyal to my friends in this life. I wish to be happy with them in this life and be blessed with their companianship next life.

13- My "only" Enemy in this life is "the devil" .. For that I give all the people in the world the chance to open dialogue, exchange thoughts, and respect one antoher.

14- Maybe you will find this so formal or impossible, but yes I never discriminate people based on their culture, gender, nationality or race. Didn't I mention I'm a Muslim :?

15- Since I was 10 years old, my mother used to leave the house and ask me to take care my younger brothers. When she comes back she realize that everything is under control with know lazy kids tricks! She always tell my Abdulrahman "You are a responsible man." Well thanks mother for these inspirational words which made increase my responsibility in life.

16- I have to admit.. I'm in Love! But can't tell you with who. Its a secret!

17- I always look at the positive and bright side of every situation I'm in. That I got from the teachings of Islam. Verse of the Quran "You probably will hate something but its good..."

18- Maaaan.. I hate it when I look dumb in front of those abbreviations that the people use while talking. For example "I'll send you a pm." or "In the business HNI is the most influential person." Come on!! Why do you assume that everyone understand RSU!!

19- Anyways .. Do you want to know my fav's ???!

Favorite Books: You don't need a title to be a leader; 7 Habits; Hibat Ala7lam.
Favorite Reciter: A7med Al3agmi
Favorite Artist: Cat Stevens
Favorite Monshed: 7mood Alkhother
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite TV show: Lost
Favorite Leader: Malcolm X
Favorite Actor: Denzil Washington
Favorite Scholar: Yusuf Alqardawi, Hamza Yusuf
Favorite Shaiekh: Tariq Alsuwaidan, Mohammed Alawadi
Favorite Movies: MalcolmX, The Gladiator, The hurricane, Lean on me

20- I consider my self a conservative open minded Muslim. I would not compromise in any Islamic basis, in fact I love to have a chance to contribute even a "little" to my religion. Truly my prayer, servant of sacrifice, my life, my death is all for the sake of Allah. May Allah take away from any arrogant or hypocrite actions. Ameen

21- Think for a moment. How tough is it to have your beloved far away from your eyes for days, months or years. Real tough and sad Huh? You have nothing to do but wait until your eyes be delighted with his face again so your heart would see the light.. So how about having your own closest brother pass away from this life for good and the light will never bee seen. Do you know how painful it feels? Sitting alone with a tear and a cry with good memories would reduce the sadness the you hold in your heart, but being patient and having Faith that you're going to meet him again sometime takes out the pain completely. May Allah forgive "Sa'ad" and give us a better gathering in the highest level of Paradise with him and all my family. Ameen.

22- I was five years old when Sadam invaded Kuwait. I remember rare flashbacks on what we did in those moments. Check out this. While Iraqis were all over the cities stealing houses, torching innocent people, and firing supermarkets. People were already scared and most hiding in their houses. My father thought of an idea; he took me and my two older brothers for a ride using our bicycles to his friends house and kept telling us his wisdom quotes "Enjoy life" and so on!! He is either refusing to be a shameful slave or he was so careless and brave.. You Judge!

23- For the people who guessed that he was brave. I have a surprise for you; he was caught and send to Iraq for three months as a Prisoner of War. Look at where bravery could lead to?! :)

Coming up .. More and More things about me....


Saleh said...

bro you are a great writer, I enjoyed reading every know your strengths, goals, what you hate and like and that is..great!

you reminded me of the title you choose for your article to the movie by chaki chan "who am I?" but the difference is you have the answer to the questions ;)

excited to see more..

yarmooki said...

Thanks for your continues encouragment. You were always a great support for me.

Get ready when I mention your name in one of the articles ;)

Thanks again.

MBR said...


I know you too well, and i know that this who you are.

I know that you want to be like me by sayin the same movies that i like or the same artist.....

but come on..!

You are trying to do another copy of me or what...!

but yallah,
what can we do...

yarmooki said...

Okay Okay,
I know that this Ideological War will never stop. So let's look at the positive side of having things in commen. I'm willing to compromise!

Let us call our selfs..
Brother with Twin Souls!


Lets just sing
I am you
you are me
we are a happy family

How about that?

الحارث بن همّام said...

well .. i have nothing to say except raising my hat ..

will said...

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