Friday, June 15, 2007

Happiness Vs. Success

Is there a big difference between Success and Happiness?
Are those words alike?
Let's try to emphasis and illustrate those two meanings.
Success is when you set a goal for yourself and reach it through your ultimate effort and work. Happiness is basically satisfaction from within yourself. So we have to know that not all successful people are happy and not all happy people are successful. That's a fact!! That's why we see many people who have reached high level of fame but still commits suicide at the end! Meanwhile; we see decent people who lives the most pleasant life compared to others.

So what is the secret?

My personal opinion on the main difference between those two words is that for a person to be successful he have to achieve requirements in a certain criteria that his society draw for him; but earning happiness comes through requirements you set for yourself to achieve your own satisfaction!

Ask yourself which is more important to you? I know it's always better to have both of them but let's say that you have to choose one from both? What will your decision be?

Sadly we see many people choose to satisfy others rather than themselves. Others sacrifice their own personal happy life for the sake of earning recognition or increasing wealth! They think that happiness comes through success with the rules that life plays.

A very influential quote I always used to say
"Never seek happiness outside yourself"

Or a great quote from Dr. Salah Alrashed
"Happiness comes to a person who learn from his past, always enthusiastic on his present, and optimistic to his future"

And of course a great quote from my father Dr. Basheer
"Who ever control his emotions: will enjoy his life and achieve his goals"

So they all agree that it's all about self esteem, controlling your feelings, and the way you treat yourself. And take this word from me. No matter what people say about happiness; it's in your hand; go ahead and build it yourself.

Just don't worry, be happy by Bobby Mcferrin
A great song from Bobby an artist I never heard of but he seems enjoying life. Great lyrics and fantastic Video Clip!

Wish you a pleasant and a happy life~
Peace :)


Kuw_Son said...

I realy enjoyed reading you post .. and your humble opinion about happiness and success :)

interesting qoutes Abdulrahman :)

since i'm in my office .. videos from youtube are blocked .. so i'll watch it later at home :)

yarmooki said...

Thanks for your continues comments on my blog.

Hope you like the song and I can ensure you that it's not better than "Lan tar7ali" to me ;)

Thankuou again.
May God give you strength and power. Ameen

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...

oh Abdulra7man...

i was, am and always will be a big fan of your writings...!!

but sometimes bro, i disagree with you in some things...

In this article..i agree with you totally (except) one thing..

When you said "Not all happy people are successful"

here.. i stopped for a second and thaught..

That all happy people ARE successful

but you have to figure out what is success first..

maybe thats what they really want, which is to be happy.

so its really what you beleive is success.

If you have any questions..dont hesitate to ask..!!

yarmooki said...

Thank you my brother for your comment. It's always beautiful to see a student that disagree with his teacher.. Gaweya Gaweya!! :)

You made a nice point. I said not ALL happy people are successful which is totally true! Because as you open a dictionary "Success" means to achieve something intended or planned ahead. So, not all people who carry happiness have achieved their goals in life.

How about a happy person who tries day and night to make profit but he resulted with a bankrupted business! Or a wise old man who have no shelter to live in; nor people to take care of him; but still end up happy from within. Those are considered unsuccessful happy people?!

Let me rephrase the meaning so we would agree together; and bring our relation back in track!! Not All happy people are successful.. But most of them are?!

Satisfied? :)

Saud said...

"Not all happy people are successful"

Nice point to argue especilly between two brothers :)

At first I took Mohammed's side and agreed with what he had to say. All happy people are successful because they have achieved success through the happiness of their own souls.

However, I backed up when I realized that success can carry many different meanings for different people, even the educated. Some would see it through carrying the maximum amount of wealth, others would see it by carrying a happy soul,etc.

In the end it all depends on your definition of success.

For me the Big Brother wins but nice try Mohammed :)

Dr.Basheer Al-Rashidi said...

the discussion about the happiness and success is not vaild.
They are the same in the human mind.
They end to be a picture in the person himself.
if he consider success, to have a limited life without challenging others and he succeded on that picture, that is a success
if he consider the happiness as a way of commiting himself for the sake of Allah and he does , that is happines
what I want to confirm is that each person has his/her own picture.
that picture determine his behavior , the feeling is a behavior determined by that picture
I love the way you stimulate others to think and use their minds
in this case we do not have agreement or disagreement , we do have picture in each mind
the difference related to that picture not realted to the meaning of success of happines.
we use dictionary to have common and share picture , we use the deffeinition to do the same thing
whenever you want to open a discution form a picture first on the others mind , if they agree, we can proceed the discussion..!

yarmooki said...

My former roomate; I apperciate your comment and your major endorsement and support to my idological opinion on this matter!

First; il 7imdillah 3ala il Salama and thanks for your comment.

I got confused the first time I read your comment; but after reading it for the second time I think I got the idea.

The word picture was repeated in your reply more than once. That was my understanding to the word.

Picture = Thought or Image in a person's mind

So you are right; me and Mohammed agree on the main idea but each one of us is looking to the word success from a different side and having his own thoughts!

Can you please illustrate the last sentence you wrote; I find it to be inspiring.

((whenever you want to open a discution form a picture first on the others mind , if they agree, we can proceed the discussion))

Could you give some examples to support this theory?

Many Thanks :)

yarmooki said...

Mohammed; tara I'll still be waiting for further comments.

Sar wagt il li3ib !!


Abdullah Alshayji said...

alsalamu alaikom brother abdulrahman,

I discussed this topic with you last weekend and I disagreed with you first but we agreed at the end. But im really happy and proud of what you wrote.‎

Well said, and well done.‎

yarmooki said...

Thanks Abdullah for your reply. I wish you luck with your summer courses. Peace be upon you~

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...

Ok Abdulrahman...

If you want to talk to me from a dictionary..thats alright

There are some words in the dictionary that you think it means something but in the dictionary, it turns out that it means something else

for example:

terrorist = destroyer

But what do the people define terrorist..

they define it as people who kill innocent people.

so as you said success in the dictionary means

"to achieve something intended or planned ahead"

But in my point of view of defining success, it means

"achieving what a person really wants even if it is not planned ahead"

Thats a reply for the first two pargraphs

In the last two paragraphs, i almost agree with you..

Youre right when you said:

"Not All happy people are successful.. But most of them are"

But the people who are not happy and not successful can change in seconds to being successful

As doctor Basheer (My father) said
"You choose what you want"

So the people who are happy and not successful can change to thinking to being successful

Almost Abdulra7man..Almost :)

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...

I think Abdulrahman that youre out of words right now..!

Thats Alright

the problem is when you first tried to challenge me..!!!

whos the teacher now..:)

yarmooki said...

Hi Mohammed.

Sorry for the long reply.
I'm really happy of you smart replies. This shows how muture you are as a person.

I had fun time dicsussing with you those stuff. Love Ya ;)

Peace Bro!

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...

Now im satistfied..

You know why....

because i win this time

i just want to rephrase what Saud said:

"Mohammed wins but nice try from the big brother"

I enjoyed winning



hamoora said...

I think that every one can be successful..
but not all success can make us happy!!

great words
thanks a lot

yarmooki said...

Thank you Hamoora for your reply.

I'm looking forword to see your thoughts on your blog.

Good Luck.

hamoora said...
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hamoora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaima'a Alkandari said...

important to be happy until we manage our lives

really nice post

Pearls said...

nice post , i agree with u walla

yarmooki said...


Thank you. I hope you that your life will be full of joy :)


Thanks for your reply.
Your blog seems interesting. Inshallah I'll be exploring it on my free time.

DareDevil said...

I sent a post dear friend did you receive it :) ?

Wael Al-Rujaib

DareDevil said...

So sorry, I have to send it again :)

I think absolute happiness is difficult , still achievable, happiness is feeling, so every day i am happy and every day i am sad, the key is controlling the level, and there are daily tools like this song for example

I know it is a sad song, still we as human being need sadness somtimes, at least to feel that we are human.

in other words, happiness to me is not a goal, simply a tool to live.

and i agree with your father it is a picture in our brains.

About Success,

being successful is so easy, and again it is a tool for so many, to feel whatever, or satisfy whatever need.


Wael Al-Rujaib

yarmooki said...

Brother Wael thanks for you reply.

Hapiness is not only a feeling. It is understanding of the whole emotional cycle and being in control of your actions with full confident and satisifcation.

You brought up a good point.. Thanks :)

By the way.. Do I know you from somehwere?

DareDevil said...

No Happiness "IS" a feeling.

what fellows is reactions toward this fantastic feeling.

Dear friend do not complicate things, simply, do not worry and be happy.

No understandings nor nothing.

I mean, happiness is a source for confidence ..... etc.

I know your father, and some of your brothers, i do not know you, and nice knowing you :)


Wael Al-Rujaib

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