Monday, June 4, 2007

A Lesson

At the end of the MSA Night I was introduced to many students who were anxious and willing to work with the Muslims Students Association since I was elected a president. I have learned a valuable lesson during a dialogue with one of the girls I met.

Part of the Dialogue:

Me: So mashallah you are from Kuwait ...?
Her: Yes I am.
Me: I know someone called ... is he related to you?
Her: Yes .. He is my brother?!

"I stopped for a moment. I remember that guy so well. He was with me in Middle School 10 years ago! I remember that we never agreed on something. We had many conflicts. And with my "Child" thinking I made his life miserable. I used to pick on him in class and make a laugh out of him in front of my friends. We used to physically fight against each other.. and to tell you the truth this guy was strong!! I sometimes suffer some detentions and punishments from my teachers for the sake of harming him. And one of things I established was a disrespectful slogan that many students used after me until he became widley known for it."

Me: Wow .. Do you know that we used to fight amongst each other?
I didn't expect this answer
Her: Yes .. We know everything .. We still remember you!
Me: You still remember me .. What do you mean?
Her: Well were you not the guy who used to cal my brother _ _ _ !

Here was the shock!!

After riding back home. I thought about this dialogue for a moment. I mean WOW.
The family still remembers all the things I did to their son! So whatever a person do to the people, memories will not be erased from their minds forever. If you do good they will remember it; if you do bad they will remember it.

Life passes away so fast. I've graduated from college. My personality have changed and I made many great things in life. This family will probably forgive or start a new page with me; but they will still remember this 12 years old Abdulrahman bothering their son!

فمن يعمل مثقال ذرة خيراً يره

ومن يعمل مثقال ذرة شراً يره

Last days with this person were great in middle school. We became friends and I invited him several times to join us in a social gathering with my friends. :)


Aziz amoudi said...

This is lesson from the huge university I mean this life ..........

Your Bro

yarmooki said...

Thanks Aziz..

You are huge I mean your comment is... :)

Thanks for your reply.

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...

nice story..!

3ad saritly nafs ilsalfa

ill tell you when i talk to u..

big fan bro of ur writings

love u


yarmooki said...

Always a pleasure.
Thanks for your reply.


Dr.Basheer Al-Rashidi said...

I read your story, it was nice but i have two comments
first: that you mentioned the people do not forget the bad things you did for them regardless the time that have been past second: you confirmed that you should do good things for the people to remember you
in my beleif you should do whatever you find suitable for you at that time, regardless their attitude toward you
you should maintain your behavior for you
not to please others
i just want to remind you about the story of juha when he went with his son to sell his donkey and he passed groups of people and each group told him some comments...because he listened to their comments and do as the people asked him to do, he lost his path
the main idea is to do whatever you beleive in whether the people except it or reject it
its you, not the people and if you discover that you made a mistake apologize!
if its a mistake with allah, repent and dont pay attention to the others
because the central point is from within
and take my word, the people forgive or not forgive is not depended on them, it depends on you.
you need their forgiveness or you dont need their forgiveness..

yarmooki said...

First I'm really glad to see your comment on my Blog. It's always an honor reading your reply Dad.

You made a very essential point which I totally agree with. You always taught me how not to be effected with any external factor or any kind of image people draw about me because I'm the only person who knows myself.

And believe me Dad, the main reason why I wrote this memo was to write a lesson I learned; not to feel so bad about actions I have taken in the past!

Thank you Dad. Your influence on your sons is clear through your ultimate love and great treatment to us!


Kuw_Son said...

ha ha ha ha :>

wallaa funny post ..

remember to think about any action consequences before doing it ;)

good luck

yarmooki said...

Hi Mr. KH ..

Thanks for your reply.

I wish you luck with your new project!

Take care and see you in a month or so :)

Anonymous said...

i need you to come and share this story with the kids at the A'takamul elementary school! I work hard trying to get them to stop bullying.

Anonymous said...