Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A peek towards the bright future!

Ok, I was in class today and I had a strange feeling that I would like to share. My marketing professor was so enthusiastic as usual talking about customer relationship and the impact of customer retention and stability on the profit of a company from a financial perspective. While listening to those deep marketing terminologies such as "Customer acquisition" and "customer equity" and the "trust building mechanism" in relationship marketing; my eye just lead astray staring at this lined up window in the corner of the class and asking

How long will it take me to finish my MBA? Is it worth it? If I were to take my bachelor degree and work in Kuwait; will I be in a better position? I mean I'll be around the family for sure which is always a big advantage? But will my MBA degree really make a big difference..

I looked back to my professor and she was continuing her lecture concentrating on the impact of marketing actions on a firm’s value! And she was so upset on some companies that do not offer a capital cost for their marketing strategies! She repeated "I would debate any CEO that a marketing strategy is the way to build continues profit and growth to a company!" With all the energy that she had and all the attention she got from my classmates..

I turned around to the window and continued my own thoughts. I start visualizing myself living in Kuwait. I would wake up 7:30 am, take a shower, wear my (Dishdasha, '3etra, 3egal), and get ready for work. I would leave my room going directly to the living room where I would see my mother with her cup of tea and milk "sweet in low" reading Alwatan Newspaper. I would go to her; Kiss her head and hand and chat with her for about 10 minutes.

Until my father opens up the speakers all around the house asking (Sorayda make for me Fa7am, Sorayda make for me Fa7am.) Than I would continue chatting with my mother and say -How will they make fa7am for him?- Is Dad expecting them to take pieces of black Cole mixing it with Sault and black pepper and cook it with onions and carrots until they are as hot as hell? And my mother would laugh out loud as if it was the JOKE of the mounth, probably she will pick up the phone and call one of my brothers saying (Did you hear what Abdulrahman just said?)And they will laugh about it all day!?

At that moment the elevator will open and my father -Basheer the Great- comes out!His body is straight as always spreading his chest and raising his head up high with a beautiful smile that shines our morning. I would go to him kiss his head and hand and offer him a cup of milk with 2 inches of Arabian coffee for his own willing and desire.

We would sit together and chat about whether I waked up for Fajer today or not?! If yes than any request I ask will be easily accepted under some condition! If not than probably this would not be a good time for "taking" but rather will be the best time for "giving" either by talking about my personal achievements or exposing my future objectives.

I would also start a new physiological discussion about some of his thoughts that I read on his novels; it will be more enjoyable when we hold different point of views?! If I disagreed with one of my father's ideological theories that means that I gave him the best gift ever; I will reach the highest level of father to son satisfaction! He won't mind sitting with me all day just to master his convincing skills on me! And to tell you the truth I always enjoy it! :)

While sitting with my parents and enjoying my time I would get an SMS message from one of my friends asking if I ate breakfast or not? And I'll reply "yes I already did, thanks for the offer"


..and with all this real live visualization that I was thinking of during my class; setting myself in another place and time; I looked back to my professor and asked a question just to take credit for participation..

(Why do we see a company that doesn't have an efficient and effective marketing strategy but still makes profit on the other hand?) WOW .. this question really worked? She totally opened a new line of dialogue and started a new discussion with the class..


After class ended I said to myself
Stop living in regret?! Stop throwing useless doubts!? Only 10 months left to go back home holding my MBA degree and ready to live my dream!

*This article was written in Strananhan Hallway at the College of Business between my two classes on Tues. Oct 23rd



Kuw_Son said...

I really enjoyed it ..

May Allah protect you parents and keep you for each other ..

Good luck .. and missing you in Kuwait :)

dr said...

Salm my son , I wrote to you tosay but I did not where did I put it for you , I wrote a comments about your artical under the name dr
find out the reply and let me know that you found it
have a nice day and enjoy life

Dr. said...

read your artical , I have a feeling and sense that you will be great writer , I am say so cause I can see it , you are great in the ideas you presented in your artical and the way you put it was so attractive , I like the picturize of your Mom in the living room and the way you described your father coming form up strair , the calling for the Maid to prepare , the joks of others for your commints , in sum sun you are unique person as it was ususally said , but in the past I was not confinsed but today I can tell the will you are unique without any hisstation , we all waiting for you in Kuwait to enjoy our time with you as ususally
have a nice time
May Allah bless you

yarmooki said...

Mashallah Kuw_son , you always show your support! Thanks very much for your reply. And Inshallah one time I'll write about my first business project (Lan tar7aLi) and what kind of obsticles I went through that many don't know :P

Thanks for the support and thanks for honoring my blog with your comment! If we would do anything in this life for you; it will be a drop of water compared to the rivers of goods that you blessed us with~

By the way .. Abdullah sent me a message saying that he liked the (Fa7am) part!! I really miss listening to it every morning in here~~ :):)

asiri said...

slaam 3leekm in general I like the article, the most interesting thing the sequins in idea and telling>>>keep going you have great skills of writing.
By the way you have great parents gad protect them.

Yahaya Asiri

yarmooki said...

Yahaya my friend, Your kind comment indicates that you were pleased by the Tuna Kabsa tonight :P

Thanks so much brother for taking the time an effort and replying although you have Farhood Test tomorrow .. Wish you Luck;)

Mohammed Al-Rashidi said...



really really funny..

Yesturday we went to the Avenues with my mother,Abdullah, my father,and Noura...

My father and Abdullah talked about it and we were laughing

How come you didnt talk about me or my sister..

For instance Noura calls you and tell you.."when are you coming home?"

you reply:

she says:
"because i want to go to Subway!"


i enjoyed it

Thanks bro..!!!!

yarmooki said...


Mohammed, I would probably need a whole new blog to write about Noura! I'll write about the tricky skills that she uses on her brothers to achieve her own desires!! We are nothing but a tool that she use whenever she has a new plan!

JuSt Kidding sis :P

Saleh B. Alrashidi said...

You are an excellent writer and you are excellent on making the article fun to read.

You have a bright future Abdulrahman. I can see it. This is the year for building yourself. You have a great opportunity. Use it.

Great article..waiting to see more :)

yarmooki said...

Thanks for your compliment Saleh!

Your encouragment will certainly give me a push towards more and more writtings. Inshallah we will get to meet soon and enjoy a delecious cup of coffee at Caribo! :~)

Take care broZar !

Bo Aym@n said...

hey mr.abdulrahman .. the way u describe the details are very interesting ..
maybe the most funny thing in my opinion is that you are telling us that these events occur ((EVERY SINGLE DAY)) :) thats funny >> evry morning ur father say the same statment about fa7am :)
and the message of breakfast :)
the Fajer disccusion :)
and so on

keep going dera >>

yarmooki said...

Doctor Mohammed.

Your comment was sure a pleasure! Thanks for bringing the smile back to me! And thanks for your quick response!

I wish you a pleasent life my dear brother. Take care and enjoy yourself! :~)

Shaima'a Alkandari said...

its really good thing you do
good luck
alah y7f'6 ahlk wywfgk

yarmooki said...

Shaima'a thanks for your comment..

nahham said...

what a nice imagination !

good luck in your MBA :)

yarmooki said...

Mashallah. Welcome Naham. It has been along time bro!!

Thanks for your comment.

Say Hii to all Fanateq/Inshad friends. I miss those old days :)

jack said...

Oh, great blog site Abdurahman. I look foward to you coming back. btw, we'll both be holding an MBA soon, ready to embark on a new chapter in life! I'm excited, how about you!?

jack said...

I don't know why that says's Mukhtar lol

yarmooki said...

lool .. I have a friend called Jack in my class and I was shocked that he found this Blog! :P

But thank you Mukhtar for your reply. Inshallah I hope to do something together in the future. While you read cases put in your mind some innovative ideas that we can implement in the future!
Take care bro .. and see you sooon !!

باغي الشهادة said...

استمتع بالغربة في الدراسة الآن ولاحق على الغترة والعقال والحر في الكويت

وركز أكثر بالمحاضر يا ولد


وإذا جيت معاك الـ
عازمك على فطاير شويخ قبل ما أتركك تفطر مع والديك. . هذا بعدما تصلي الفجر في جماعة المسجد

yarmooki said...

الله أكبر .. حلووو لقيت لي عزيمة ببلاش !!

بس ذكرني بأسمك علشان أضيفك باللستا

mr.helper said...

يا تعباااااااااان ..
هم انا عازمك ..

اصلا انت ساااحب !

كل مكان .. قاعد ادور عليك !

الله يسامحك - تحطم قلوب المحبيبن ..
ربي يحفظك وين ما كنت يا عسل ..

اخوك .. مساعد

yarmooki said...

Ahlan Ahlan Msa3ed ..
Bonjoo?! Bonanayeeh!

How are you my freind? It's really been a looong time. I hope everything is going great with you! Thank you for your comment man .. Hope to see you soooon :)


Shaima'a Alkandari said...

thanks alot

allah ywfgk yarb

mwfg ya o5oy

w 3edk mbark

Shaima'a Alkandari said...


where are you

yarmooki said...

haha .. Shamima thanks for asking..

I'm still living in this small world.. I stopped writting because I really don't have time to think of a topic.. But with God's will I'll be back soon..

Thanks :)

Shaima'a Alkandari said...



allah ywfgk

Anonymous said...

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